How to Change SPD CPU IMEI using WriteIMEI Tool

On this page we’ll show How to Change SPD CPU basic Smartphone IMEI using Write IMEI Tool. This working requirement will only work on spreadtrum devices. Now we describe how we can change or write IMEI using by Write IMEI Tool. In the following steps:

In your Computer must be needed Spreadtrum Driver. So Please Download and Install SPD USB Driver. Then Download and insatall Write IMEI Tool. After that you will be able to see following files on screen. In this file you have to open [writeIMEI.exe] only.

How to Change SPD CPU IMEI using WriteIMEI Tool

Now double click  [writeIMEI.exe] is started and following pictures will show than click Mode Select you will show another dialog box also then select Normal Mode

How to Change SPD CPU IMEI using WriteIMEI Tool

Now you click on the Set and select the list of IMEI that you want to write. IMEI Option’s, you will able to see two options 1. Manual Input 2. Auto Generated IMEI. Select input option what you want Manual or Automatic.  Then click save to continue it.




Now fill up the Please Input IMEI option and write the 15 digit IMEI code. Then connect your spreadtrum device to the computer. After click on Write firmntb to begin writing IMEI process.

When IMEI Flash is completed you will be able to look Green Pass Message on your IMEI Tool.  At last reboot your device.

[Now check your IMEI by dialing*#06#]