How to Change MTK Phone IMEI using SN Write Tool

On this page we’ll show How to Change MTK CPU basic Smartphone IMEI using SN Write Tool. This working requirement will only work on MediaTek devices. Now we describe how we can change or write IMEI using by SN Write Tool. In the following steps:

In your Computer must be needed MediaTek Driver. So Please Download and Install MediaTek USB Drover. Then download and install SN Write Tool. After that you will be able to see following files on screen. In this file you have to open [SNWrite.exe] only.



How to Change MTK Phone IMEI using SN Write Tool



When the SN write is launched you will see the following box. Then click  on the Comport drop down firmntb and select USB VCOM.

How to Change MTK Phone IMEI using SN Write Tool

Now you can choose if you have Smartphone then select it or bar phone then select Feature phone. After that click on [System Config] firmntb.

When system config is launched, then select IMEI, BT Address and Wifi Address in write option. If you have Dual SIM device, then select Dual IMEI option.

Now click MD1_DB and fill up data base file on this inside that click also AP_DB and fill up AP_DB file. Both files come with firm ware of your device. After , click on Save firmntb.



Now, click on Start firmntb.

Now, under the scan Data write the IMEI_1 and IMEI_2, Bluetooth Address, Wifi Address And click on Ok firmntb.


When it is completed you will see the Green Pass message.